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The technology center has a multi-functional laboratory with advanced and complete experimental equipment, which can perform performance tests of the relevant components of cooling tower, including physical and mechanical performance tests of fillers and water collector plate, and can collect parameters such as density, tensile strength, elongation at break, tear strength and oxygen index.


CZCT have won 3 invention patents, 45 utility model patents, 1 appearance patent and 16 software copyrights. What’s more , we have won many national awards for many times, and have established several innovative research and development organizations such as Hebei Enterprise Technology Center, Cangzhou Industrial Cooling Tower Engineering Technology Research Center and Enterprise Industrial Design Center, so far, we have obtained Class B qualification of special water pollution prevention project in environmental engineering design and Level III qualification of construction mechanical and electrical installation project; moreover, we have been awarded AAA credit rating for many years, possess dozens of national invention patents and utility model patents as well as various software copyrights. All of which have contributed to our solid foundation for technical strength. Thus, we are even invited to draft a number of national standards and industrial standards.

Technical Advantages

  Process, civil engineering, electrical, automatic control professional construction drawing design;

  Industrial tower field testing, detection, diagnosis, analysis technology;

The modified reinforcement and anti-aging formula of the cooling tower plastic parts;

  Self developed and unique cooling tower process calculation software in China;

  3D modeling and engineering application of CFD technology; 

  Comprehensive solution for optimal operation of circulating water system;

  Water saving and mist elimination technology for cooling tower and circulating water system;

  Comprehensive solution for low consumption and efficient operation of cooling tower;

  Seawater circulation cooling technology

  BIM digital delivery

Technology and Product

Our company is staffed with almost 100 technical and professional personnel who are specialized in polymer materials, composite materials, mechanical design, engineering mathematics, water supply and drainage, heating and ventilation, civil engineering, electric engineering, instrumentation, thermal engineering, fluid mechanics, computer, etc. Those professionals covering various types of specialties involved in cooling tower technology research, material research, experimental testing and development design. With these talents, we are now the only company that is capable of independent design, production, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, optimization, transformation and engineering practice of circulating water field.

Test Platform

This platform is currently the largest comprehensive test platform for cooling tower in China which highly simulates the operation conditions of real tower. The main test contents can be carried out as follows:

1. Thermal performance and resistance performance test of cross-flow and counter-flow cooling tower packing.

2. Resistance performance test and drop loss rate test of cooling water collector.

3. Heat exchange performance, resistance characteristics, demisting index, and water saving rate test of condensation module and finned tube heat exchange module.

4. Sprinkler head spray uniformity test.

The platform adopts the most advanced data acquisition system, and the test data is collected intelligently, accurately and efficiently, which provides the most reliable data support for the company' s technology research and development.

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