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Product Categories

Seawater cooling tower is a kind of cooling tower specially designed with seawater as circulating water.

According to these special properties, we have taken the following measures in the design of seawater circulating water cooling tower:

1. The detailed specific heat capacity and circulating water density of the sea water tower can be calculated according to the Cl - content in the sea water, and the thermal process of the cooling tower can be accurately calculated;

2. Give professional opinions on the corrosion protection of components in the seawater tower according to the specific project requirements;

3. For the design of concrete part, the proposed protection method will be provided according to the design requirements;

4. A unique spray device can be configured to reduce the problems caused by crystallization in the seawater tower;

5.Concrete structure and FRP structure are recommended for seawater tower, and steel structure is not recommended.

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