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On the basis of the open cooling tower, the external cold source is made full use of, and the air cooling system or condensation system is introduced, which is in series and parallel with the open wet cooling unit. In this way, the cooling temperature can be reduced, the evaporation loss can be reduced, and the outlet plume emission can be reduced. It is a new generation of environmentally friendly open cooling tower. The water saving demisting cooling tower has strong regional adaptability, which can be built or transformed. It has moderate cost and good investment economy. It is very suitable for the technical transformation of water saving and demisting of the existing open circulating water system.

Low noise: The rain zone height is lower, and the spray proof f lling can work as noise reduction padding.

Low energy: By reducing the rain zone height, the pump head will be lowered as well as the power consumption of pump.

Better thermal performance: Lower rain zone height reduced the resistance and increases the uniformity of air flow, which makes better thermal exchange.

Low investment and economical: High level water collection is normally used for large size of nature draft cooling towers. The initial investment wi l include high equipment cost and civil, but there will be repayment in short time due to yearly high electricity conservation.

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