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Product Categories

Cross flow cooling tower is a device that can cool water,which is different from counter flow cooling tower. The water flow falls vertically from the upper part of the tower, the air flows horizontally through the drenching packing, and the air flow is orthogonal to the water flow. A device that cools water. Water exchanges heat and mass with the flowing air, resulting in the decrease of water temperature.

Product advantages:

1) Small water head and low power consumption.

2) Low noise, wider application.

3) Water loss is smaller, more economical and more in line with sustainable development.

4) The water distribution mode is reasonable, and the water distribution system falling naturally by gravity is adopted. The apron hole is not easy to be blocked, and the water distribution is uniform, which improves the performance of the filler to the greatest extent.

5) After the modules are combined, the efficiency remains unchanged. The efficiency of counter flow tower decreases.

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