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Product Categories

Low noise cooling tower is a kind of cooling tower designed and developed to meet the low noise requirements of customers.

Characteristics of cooling tower noise:

1. The noise at the air outlet has obvious low-frequency characteristics;

2. Due to the back propagation of fan noise and the superposition of water pouring noise at the air inlet, a wide-band noise is formed;

3. The increased wind resistance of noise reduction facilities will have a great impact on the performance of cooling tower;

4. It is a difficult noise source with very high comprehensive technical requirements.

Based on these factors, makes targeted design:

1. PVC, PP (or wood) silencing filler;

2. Motor silencing cover;

3. Factory boundary silencing screen;

4. Matrix muffler;

5. Plate muffler;

6. Fan damping seat and other silencing parts.

The company will configure one or more silencing parts to meet the noise reduction requirements of customers. Low noise design cooling tower is suitable for construction around residents and plant areas that need to meet the environmental assessment requirements.

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