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Natural ventilation cooling tower is a cooling tower ventilated by the air density difference inside and outside the tower or the air convection formed by natural wind force. It can be divided into two types: open cooling tower similar to water spray cooling pool and air duct cooling tower with high ventilation duct.  

Generally, the water spraying device of natural ventilation cooling tower is located inside the barrel of the cooling tower. The air flows opposite to the water spraying direction from bottom to top, which is called counter flow ventilation. There is also a drenching device located outside the barrel at the lower part of the tower. The air flows laterally through the drenching and then enters the simple cooling tower, which is called cross flow ventilation. There are two kinds of drenching water: drip and film. Large natural ventilation cooling towers are mostly constructed of reinforced concrete, most of which are hyperbolic cylinder, but the capital investment is high.

The Natural Draft Cooling Tower is the right choice for large power plants. We offer High-Quality Natural Draft Cooling Towers for all kinds of large power plants. It doesn’t require any Fan, PVC fills for operation. These are 100% safe and works efficiently without any power and maintenance like other cooling towers. Natural Cooling Tower using the principle of evaporation of water against the airflow. Hot water sprayed from the nozzles for increasing the heat transfer surface area. The Natural Draft Cooling Tower has more advantages. Some of these: No mechanical noise, Limited maintenance, Environmentally friendly, No electrical fan is installed so save the power.

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