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  • The structural characteristics of our professional high-quality cooling tower

    As a professional cooling tower manufacturer, what are the structural characteristics of our professional high-quality cooling tower? Next, our professionals will give you a brief explanation. I believe it will be helpful for you to understand the products.

    1. Reliable cooling tower: the unique and rational design of the external turbine is installed outside the air duct of the cooling tower, which is convenient for maintenance. The structure is the same as that of the traditional cooling tower motor and reducer. The mechanical noise and failure rate of the traditional motor are eliminated, and the operation is stable and reliable.
    2. Cooling effect guarantee of cooling tower: the cooling system will change with the change of season. Three brake valves are specially designed for the external turbine, so that the fan speed increases or decreases with the increase or decrease of circulating water flow, and the air volume also increases or decreases, so as to stabilize the air-water ratio of the cooling tower in a better state and achieve better operation effect.
    3. Cooling tower environmental protection: after the external turbine replaces the motor, it reduces mechanical noise and vibration and reduces user energy.

  • How about your after sale service?  

    1. Warranty service
    a).Warranty: 1 year.
    b) .Warranty starting: acceptance date.  

    2. Service commitment
    Warranty period:
    a). Our company will be responsible for the quality problems arising from the maintenance, replacement of parts and related materials.
    b). Artificial damage will be repaired by our company, but the damaged devices shall be paid.

    3. Expiration of the warranty period:
    a). Our company provides lifelong maintenance, but the user is responsible for the cost of labor and material.
    b). Our company also provides charging upgrades and improvements following to the customer's requirements.
  • How to reassure those who doubt the product quality and actual situations?

    professional system can ensure the whole latest development which will be monitored by you through the reports in the different stages.

  • What's your delivery time ?

    The delivery time normally will be30-60 days , the specified delivery date will be according to customer request and order quantity .
  • Do you keep the stock of your products?

    Yes, we maintain a certain amount of standard cooling tower parts products inventory, in time to meet your needs.

  • Are you a factory or trading company?

    We are a professional cooling tower manufacturing factory, we have our own brand CZCT.
  • What's your Main Product ?

    The company's main products are cooling tower 
  • Pay attention to these eight problems when using closed cooling towers

    Usually, users are more concerned about the service environment, configuration, fluid compatibility, spray system requirements, water quality, capacity, antifreeze and other issues of the closed cooling tower, while ignoring some details, but in fact, this may be the key to affecting the operation of the equipment. Therefore, we should pay attention to the following eleven problems when using closed cooling tower:
    1.The requirements for the service environment of closed cooling tower shall avoid places with acid exhaust, explosive dust, serious soot and excessive water vapor;
    2.It shall be placed next to the building and kept at a sufficient distance from the air inlet (0.5-3m, depending on the model);
    3. If it is placed in the well enclosure, it shall be vigilant against the heat exhaust failure caused by the return of hot and humid air. The induced draft device can be considered in special environment.
    4.The problem of closed cooling tower piping, piping and pump valves shall be installed below the operating water level of the cooling tower to prevent overflow and air suction;
    5. When considering the equipment placement position, there shall be sufficient pump head, and the pressure loss along the way and the pressure loss of cooling coil shall be considered;
    6. The interface flange pressure of fluid cooling is designed as 1MPa, and all pipes shall consider hangers or supports;
    7. The welding scar of the pipeline shall be cleaned to avoid blockage during operation.
    8. In full consideration of fluid compatibility, the fluid (gas) to be cooled by the closed cooling tower must be compatible with the cooling coil, otherwise the coil will be corroded. For example, refrigerant ammonia is incompatible with copper pipe, brine alkali water is incompatible with carbon steel pipe and copper pipe.
    9. Capacity control of closed cooling tower for multiple operating closed cooling towers (evaporative cooling), the number of operating towers can be changed;
    10. For closed cooling towers with multiple fans, the number of fans can be changed;
    11. Change the operating speed of the fan or frequency conversion control; Change the spray water volume.

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