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FRP Cooling Tower

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With the development of modern composite technology, composites represented by FRP have been more and more recognized because of their excellent anti-corrosion performance and mechanical strength. FRP cooling tower is a new type of cooling tower structure developed by our company on the basis of many years of scientific research and design of cooling tower, combined with modern composite technology and foreign technology. It represents the relatively new technology and high level of cooling tower development in the world. With its stable frame structure, super corrosion resistance, smart weight and easy installation, all FRP cooling tower has been more and more used in the fields of chemical industry, metallurgy and electric power at home and abroad, especially abroad, in the chemical circulating water system containing corrosive medium and the system using seawater as circulating water medium.  

Tower structure:

The frame structure of all FRP cooling tower adopts uniform mesh column structure, and all columns, connecting diagonal braces and supporting beams adopt mechanical FRP extruded profiles.

Square FRP extruded square tubes are used for supporting columns and diagonal braces, FRP profiles are used for axial and longitudinal supporting beams, diagonal braces are used to strengthen the cooling tower frame structure, and the operating loads including wind load and seismic load are uniformly transmitted to the concrete foundation.

The end wall plate of the cooling tower, the enclosure plate above the air inlet and the partition plate in the tower are made of FRP, the tower top platform is made of machine-made extruded anti-skid deck, the handrail of the tower top and the maintenance walkway in the tower is made of FRP square pipe, and the frame structure and pedal of the tower stairs are made of machine-made FRP extruded profiles.

All frame connections and splices of all FRP cooling tower are connected with stainless steel bolts without any bonding.

The tower not only has good overall stiffness, but also changes the internal force distribution of the tower structure, making the stress of the structure more reasonable. The tower structure has the effect of multidirectional stress performance, can effectively bear concentrated load, asymmetric load, seismic force, strong wind load and other dynamic loads, and is more favorable to reduce the vibration of the tower.

Compared with concrete structure cooling tower and steel structure cooling tower, the section of beams and columns in the tower of all FRP structure cooling tower is smaller and the spatial layout is more reasonable, which effectively improves the uniformity of water distribution in the tower and the wind resistance of the structure in the tower, so as to improve the thermal performance of the cooling tower and reduce the operation energy consumption.


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