Industrial Metallurgy Seawater Cooling Tower
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Industrial Metallurgy Seawater Cooling Tower Industrial Metallurgy Seawater Cooling Tower


Industrial Metallurgy Seawater Cooling Tower

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Product introduction:
seawater circulating water cooling tower is a kind of cooling tower specially designed with seawater as circulating water.
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Seawater Cooling Tower

With the gradual enhancement of environmental protection awareness and the promotion of water-saving work, circulating cooling will be the way that must be adopted by the cooling water system of all industrial departments. The direct cooling of seawater must also be cooled by the cooling tower before it can be discharged into the sea, or the seawater cooling tower can be directly used. In order to reduce heat pollution to the sea, some countries such as India have begun to use cooling towers for auxiliary cooling before entering the sea.


China chemial engineering Cangzhou cooling technologies Co., Ltd. is a state-owned professional company engaged in the research and development, engineering design, product manufacturing and project construction of industrial cooling technology and equipment. The company belongs to the listed state-owned enterprise "China National Chemical Engineering Co., LTD." with a history of more than 40 years.

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Relying on the high-quality engineering design, leading technical products, reliable manufacturing process and perfect service system, the company has contracted to build nearly 10,000 large and medium-sized industrial cooling towers at home and abroad.



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